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SWELL was born for comfortable life. Our idea is based on that people who use our products only make “design ability” and “flavor”, so we cutoff extra functions. It is rational and utility, so SWELL is along with our beautiful life.



- グレイン -

- ナチュラル -

- ファイン -

-About recycle leather-

The recycle leather is eco-friendly material and made from scrap when we made leather products. It is inherited the texture of natural leather and finished homogeneously. Normally, people discard waste leather, but we make an effort for the reduction of industrial waste and an effective utilization of resources. The recycle leather doesn’t include dioxins, PCP which is suspected as an incident of the environmental Hormone, Formalin, heavy metals (nickel, cobalt and lead) and azo dyestuffs. That’s the reason SWELL's recycle leather is special. In addition we specially order “SALAMANDER CO” in Germany.

this textures is made by emboss processing and robust . it will soften with use like a real leather.(have a thickness of 1mm)

Dyed lightly to raw texture with oil coating. so as to finished in a natural atmosphere and warmth. (have a thickness of 0.7mm)

- FINE -
it is smooth type with good coloring. it has been done special processed to scratch - resistant. (have a thickness of 1.3mm)